2018 is here and Percocet is of the Devil.

2018 is here and Percocet is of the Devil.

Oh boy. First post of 2018. No pressure at all because blogging for funsies has become so sparse, that any post exceeds my expectations. See what I did there? The key is to set the bar low.

So 2017 happened, didn’t it? Yes, it did. I really cannot believe how fast it went. The good news is I met all of my goals, which were, none. Again, low bar = high achievement rate. Mainly it was a year of chaos, anxiety, uncertainty, and I’m glad to be rid of it. We’re finding our footing and it feels good.

I don’t even remember December. It’s just a montage of running up and down my stairs trying to get out the door on time. Parties, concerts, performances, games, rehearsals, practices, 2 weekends of sick kids and other “fun” seasonal activities. I can usually manage my workload, but with all of the extra yule-tide fun, I kept getting more and more behind. My family arrived a few days before Christmas, and literally did all of my holiday stuff for me so I could catch up. My bro did most of the present wrapping, my mom baked my neighbor cookies. It was awesome, but I also felt bad. So I just ate more chocolate and buried my guilt deep down inside.

We had a wonderful Christmas Eve/Day. For those that didn’t get our card, here you go.

Now get me your address if you haven’t so you can get on the list for next year. I lost my master list and do not have time to stalk all of you!

See how well I’m planning ahead already? 2018 I’m coming for you!

Then we had Christmas break:I know this meme has been around for awhile, but that doesn’t make it any less accurate. It was amazing, full of family, food, sweats, and a lot of sleep. I think that’s what my version of heaven is. I’ll be really disappointed if that’s not the case when I die.

I still feel like we’re still fumbling our way out of out of the holiday break haze two weeks later, but it’s been nice to get back to a routine.

I started off 2018 with a root canal. Isn’t that so exciting? Basically one of my molars chipped. It had been painful for months, but after New Years it went from annoying to how bad could it hurt if I just yanked the tooth out myself kind of pain. Tom Hanks did it in Cast Away, and I’m sure that was dramatized for cinematic effect, it didn’t hurt that bad.

So I begrudgingly go to the dentist, and he did what he could to get started on fixing it, but since it was just a damage assessment appointment, he didn’t have time for the entire root canal. SO – he seals it off, and sends me home with some potent Ibuprofen and a prescription for “the good kind” of pain meds, if I should need it, until I can come back and have the rest of the procedure done. Easy peasy, I’ve had a root canal before, no biggie.

For whatever reason, my tooth hurt more than any other time I’ve had dental work done. It was awful. AWFUL So Dave suggested I take a Percocet, and “chill” for the day. He could shuttle the kids around and take care of everything else.

So I did.


The following 8 hours were probably the sickest I’ve felt in a long time. So dizzy, so lightheaded, cold sweat – like my hair was soaked, and throwing up. I couldn’t even walk. I had to crawl into bed like a drunk cat.

Pres comes in and sees me on the bed in starfish pose, sweating, and staring at the ceiling.

Pres: “Mom, you don’t look so good.”

Me: “I don’t feel so good.”

Pres: “You’re not going to die, are you?”

Me: “I MIGHT.”

You guys. Aren’t those kinds of drugs supposed to be awesome? Dave’s had like 7 kidney stones, and he insisted that “yes, they are awesome” and it “totally takes away the pain”. To which I responded, “You don’t feel the pain because you’re distracted by all the vomiting.”

It was the literal worst. And I lost a whole day of gettin’ crap done in 2018! (My theme for the year. Pretty great, right?)

Anywho. The next day after my dance with the Percocet Devil, Dave left for a 9-day shoot in Costa Rica, so basically I’ve decided I’m not listening to anything he says anymore, and he’s dead to me.

Let us recap 2018 thus far:

Theme: Gettin’ crap done (since 2018)

Lessons learned:

  • December almost killed us all
  • Christmas break is for food…and family. It should probs be the other way around…
  • Dave does not know anything about modern medicine
  • We hate Dave and his topical work trips
  • Percocet is the Devil’s juice.

So far, so good!

Also, I can’t stop watching this video. There’s some language, but OMG I can’t stop laughing. Happy 2018 everyone!


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