So like…is this even legal?

So like…is this even legal?

I mean, it probably is through some shady legal loophole, but I genuinely want to know. So I was shopping at a local boutique today. This is not a 2nd hand or gently used boutique. It’s “trendy, boho style” (*cough, overpriced) clothing, supposedly. Why supposedly? Because they were full on selling OLD NAVY DRESSES WITH THIER OWN TAGS ON THEM. Not even modified. Just straight up Old Navy dresses with the tags ripped off and this boutique’s tags sewn on. How do I know this?

I tried on said dresses a few years ago at Old Navy…

Here are the Old Navy dresses in question:

Dress #1

IT’S THE SAME DRESS. And just in case you’re not 100% sure, there’s a review of dress #1 here and here.

Dress #2



The boutique is selling these dresses for $44.99. They were originally priced $36.94 at Old Navy and now you can find them online through 3rd party retailers for around $14.97. BUT, like a boss, these 3rd party retailers fully disclose where the dresses came from, how much it originally retailed for, and what they are selling it for now. Case and point.


And of course, you won’t find these dresses on the boutique’s website. Because, you know, there’s a high percentage of online shoppers noticing they are recycling a national chain’s clothing items.

I think what bothers me the most is that people go here to support a local business and buy “trendy upscale clothing”, and what they could potentially walk away with is an out of season Old Navy dress that they could buy for $15. Notice I blocked out their tags as to not throw them under the bus, I’m not a total monster. The whole thing is just…


And to you, local boutique, if this ever makes the rounds on the world wide web, YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE. And now you know that I know. And everyone reading this knows.

And that’s a wrap. You may go back to reading about real things that matter, like devastating natural disasters.


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