Remember that one time when school was starting again?

Remember that one time when school was starting again?

WHAT in the actual crap just happened?

WHERE did the summer go?

Remember when the last time I blogged was May? In my head I was all “My summer goal is to blog once a week.”

And then summer’s all…..


I can’t even.

So summer? When exactly did it get busier than the school year? Is this just the rest of my life? No breaks ever? Until I die from stress and sleep deprivation? That’s what they don’t tell you when they send you home from the hospital with your newborn. “This teeny tiny human is a ticking time bomb that will eventually render you incapable of anything, ever.”

Basically summer went like this. We spent a huge chunk of time in Boise at my parents. It. Was. Awesome. Swim team, swim lessons, friends, night games, play dates, museums, cousins, parks, snow cones, bike rides, movies, pool days and BBQs. There was literally only one day that I can think of where I sat down and thought “What should we do today?” It was so fun, but SO. EXHAUSTING. I’m just too old to summer. Each day I hobbled in like an 80 year old woman, hunched over, holding my back, and demanding ibuprofen. But it was worth it for my kids to have one of “those” summers. You know, like we used to have…(mostly) unsupervised kid adventures. Where each day was a brand new day of possibilities, sunshine and laughing. It breaks my heart that the world is a different place now, and how fast my kids are growing. As one friend put it “you’re giving them the gift of how summer should be.” And I’ll find a way to make it happen with the limited number of summers we have left before teenage priorities and jobs take over if it kills me.

Anywho. Enjoy a montage of us summer-ing.



Somehow they always talked their way into “borrowing” others giant floatation devices

“Spicle” Me 3!


4th of July

Swim Lessons

Water Park

“Late nights” because I’m mean and I don’t allow sleepovers

Snow cones

Summer…am I right?

City Swim Meet and Roaring Springs.

Anyway. I’ll stop there. I guess.

The last two weeks of summer included MOVING, painting our house, Girl Scout Camp, and eclipsing.

To be continued….

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