My One January Post.

My One January Post.

Oh hey there folks. My phone won’t hold a charge and is possibly possessed by the devil, so I might as well blog, right?

Man oh man, it has been awhile my friends! I keep thinking “Oh, I’ll have some time to write when the kids go to bed.” Then they do, and all I have the energy for is marooning myself on the couch and watching a million episodes of Friends (I’ve never seen the whole series, don’t judge me!) and then crawl into bed and start the whole process over. Why am I so tired? BECAUSE IT’S JANUARY AND ALL THE THINGS ARE SO COLD. I can’t even. The only way I’ve found to warm up is to take a scalding bath or shower, and let’s see how much time I have for that? ZERO MINUTES. So instead I just shuffle around my house wearing three layers of clothes, looking like a crazy person. Who cooks dinner in a parka? ME, and I don’t even care.

We have ventured outside. We took the kids to my inlaws in Cache Valley to sled for the MLK weekend. They had a blast. I enjoyed being above the inversion, and watching from the back window snuggled under a blanket. I did trudge out there once. I lost my footing when I stepped into 3 feet of snow that wasn’t super compact. I very slow motion-y fell over, and decided that was enough. I shouldn’t have left my cave. Man, I am not a winter person. Once upon a time I was. I started skiing when I was about 5, and was a solid skier until college. Now its pretty much….

Skiing isn’t even fun anymore. And sledding? I will never understand it. I think the first time I went I was a teenager in Boise. My immediate thought was “Not one single thing about this is fun.” I still stand by that assessment. But my kids LOVE it. Just look how cute?

Trudging…it was a really beautiful up there.

Not pictured – the Pants.

“Mom, its just too cold”.

“Preaching to the choir my friend.”

Also, I have spotted a dummy or multiple dummies in SHORTS nearly everyday this winter. One day it was my dummy…Sweeping(?) the driveway (because, for whatever reason had no snow shovel), in shorts and slippies.

Also, I have seen the occasional baby in a shopping cart with no socks or shoes. You have time for a gigantic hair bow and cute coordinated baby outfit, but no socks? It’s below freezing. Everytime it takes ALL OF ME not to say anything or call CPS. Yes. I am judging you.

We have done some museum-ing. See? I’m not the worst mom ever.

Cousins + dinos + super creeper in the back…? For reals, that dude was everywhere, walking with his hands behind his back. Shudder*

Clearly. Ells loves tornado tunnels.

I die.


Here’s Dave playing on one of the “interactive displays” to which Ells frantically yelled…

“DAD! GET DOWN! Think of how many sad children there will be when you break it!”

I’m still dying.

And yes, you can clearly see why he will never completely heal from his surgery. I’m pretty sure climbing and jumping off of things is part of ACL recovery. (Eyeroll x infinity = me).

Anywho. That’s about it for January. December happened, but I’m not ready to talk about it yet.



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