We all need to just ‘Netflix and Chill’.

We all need to just ‘Netflix and Chill’.

Oh hey there blogosphere. It’s been awhile. We had an eventful October full of fall break, knee surgery, Halloween festivities and so on. I had good intentions about posting the overview. But like many of my good intentions, that’s all they ever become. And now, we are a week away from Thanksgiving. WHAT HAPPENED?

I’ve also been a bit negligent of any and all forms of social media lately. I think we all know why. Here’s how I feel about all of the hullabaloo online right now, and this goes for e.v.e.r.y.o.n.e…There’s a lot more out there in life than arguing about politics online. A LOT. And side note, incessantly posting and/or arguing, and/or gloating, and/or complaining NEVER CHANGED ANYONE’S MIND AND IT NEVER WILL. It just makes me block you because my feed has become a feed of awfulness. I kinda want to go egg Zuckerberg’s home for even scheming up Facebook at this point.

Can I just simply suggest everyone “Netflix and Chill” – and then maybe think about something other than things that make you angry? Bake some cookies and take them to your neighbor. Do something nice for someone else and see how you feel afterward. It will be better than all that time you spend on Facebook tearing people down. I promise. And then maybe, just maybe, we can all see each other as humans and work past this.


Anywho. Back to complaining about things that aren’t politically related. This popped up on my Weather app today….

See that teensy tiny snowflake?


Literally this. 

You guys. It’s dark at noon, it’s windy, and it’s gonna get hella cold. I know we’ve been enjoying unseasonably warm weather up until today, but I got used to a certain lifestyle. Come on Utah!

On another note – I was doing pretty great with the whole “not drinking my body’s weight in Diet Coke” everyday. And then, I got a cold. And its just draaaaaaaaaaaagging on and on and on. Not sick enough to be bed ridden, but definitely not well enough to put on pants. I decided to rid my car of the past few days sins, and then I realized I might be off the wagon.


Even though I decided last night I was off the wagon, it definitely did not stop me from going for another caffeine dose again this afternoon. And GUESS WHAT? THE LADY AHEAD OF ME PAID FOR MY ORDER. God bless you sweet lady in the red Dodge Caravan with an ad for lash extensions on your back windshield. I WILL find you and will HUG you someday. I thought about her generosity and then realized what she probably saw as she looked in her review mirror, contemplating if she should take care of my tab.

There was a fly in the car, and I was yelling at it while waving two envelopes at said fly – trying to swat and simultaneously dodge it as I shooed it out the window. Red Caravan probably saw that hot mess and thought “Oh dear, that lady has lost her ever loving mind. A free Diet Coke is the least I can do for that poor insane woman.”

Also, when I’m kind of sick, but not all the way sick, and all I have is Diet Coke pulsing through my veins, I most defiantly do not want to grocery shop, cook, or do dishes. Luckily we had a plethora of leftovers in the fridge. Unluckily, we did not have a plethora of clean dishes. So I may or may not have eaten my dinner out of a mixing bowl and and glass jar last night.


Also, Dave has been working insane hours and my kids have had grilled cheese for 3 days straight. But they haven’t complained yet, so imma gonna call that a victory. Oh wait! One of those nights was Costco. A little diversity never hurt anyone.


Note how much Ells loves to have her picture taken. Also, you may think I’ve never chatted with my son about appropriate table manners and/or amounts of food to be consumed. I have. Everyday of my life. Why do I even bother.

Oh Pants, who struggles with normal faces for the camera, I love you just the same.

On such nights, that Dave comes home after the kids are in bed, usually asks me something along these lines…

“What did you do today?”

to which I respond,

“A whole lot of yelling”.

And that pretty much sums it up. But it’s been worse, and I’m confident this cold will not last for eternity, winter will end, and I will someday change the ratio of real food to caffeine in my body.

Also here’s an oldie but goodie to take your mind off of things. Man, sometimes you just need a good laugh.

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