Hey September!

Hey September!

We started out strong. School crap, done. Mostly unpacked from the move. Done. But then we all got sick – it was like a domino effect from 2 COLDS. We got over one, but that was too easy. So let’s just bring in another! I think one of the days I was so tired that all I ate was a hamburger bun and a diet coke. Real food was just too much of an effort.

And of course – life and momhood must carry on. Like, being the “set mom” for your 3 year old on a commercial shoot. It….it was ridiculous. Anything she wanted, she got. I felt like I was rewarding a dog everytime she did a take correctly. Only instead of a dog, it was my human 3 year old, and instead of doggie treats, it was licorice pieces. Here she is taking a “break” with the lead actress. iPad and chicken nuggets in hand. (oh brother…)



Her “set family”.


“Pool day” that was rough.


“Grocery Shopping day” – she’s playing games on an iPhone (oh brother).

This is 100% how monsters are made. I can definitely see why children that do this on a regular basis can never be normal.

But I will say, she did great. We only had problems when she was tired. I don’t know any other 3 year old that could do her task, on que, for 30 TAKES. So maybe a little bit more of this is in her future, but it will definitely not be “her thing”.

What else…?

Oh, my SIL had an epic 80’s party for her 40th. I figured everyone would show up in your typical scrunchie/spandex/side pony 80’s attire. I went a different route and tried to channel my best Elaine Benice. I wish I wish I WISH I had more pics than this. I found an amazing and beautiful jack/vest/massive shoulder pad ALL IN ONE piece at Savers, added some Hammer pants and some gold shoes.


There also may have been a little, tiny bit of this….

Dave REFUSED to let me take a pic. But he wore mega short jean shorts, button up shirt, Zach Morris hair, tall black socks and white shoes. Oh, and he has his creeper mustache in full swing right now, in preparation for Halloween. It was so bad that it was good.

I summoned all my strength Labor Day weekend to hike with the girls and my Tiny Tim Husband. Here I am with Diet Coke and DayQuil coursing through my veins. All I could do is sit there and tell Ells to climb the nearest rock. BUT WE WERE OUTSIDE FOR 3 HOURS AND ONE OF US CLIMBED A ROCK. I call that success!img_0509

Oh and we hit up the Brazilian Festival so the kids could participate in the Samba parade.


So, so, soooo much fun! This lady pretty much sums it all up. I want to be her when I grow up.


Not bad for 2 weeks fueled by DayQuil and Diet Coke, right? Although, who knows when, or if my left eyelid will stop twitching. That can’t be good…

This next week is mega, meeeeeeega busy. All good things. Even so, it kinda makes me want to just pull the covers over my head. The good things aren’t sounding so fun anymore. Why is this? Is this old age? Have I arrived? IS THIS IT?????

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