Summer of George.

Summer of George.

I’m sure all of you are just dying to know about how our summer has been going. Awhile back Dave declared it “the summer of George” (if you do not understand that reference, please click here. And we may or may not be able to be friends. It must be my age, but less and less people can acknowledge, let alone appreciate a good Seinfield reference, and it’s causing me great concern). Anyway – we were to spend our 2016 summer days full of adventures – road trips, hiking, camping, swimming, snow cone indulging. Supposed to…

  1. We’ve had a LOT of pool days, a zoo day, movie day, garage sale and playdates – all with a smattering of snow cones. We are all totally exhausted by the end of each and every day. So far, so good. Man I love summer.IMG_0117
  2. My Chi hair straightener broke, and I REFUSE to pay retail for another one. So for the past 2 weeks, this is what my hair has looked like (keep in mind this photo has at least 2/3 of my hair cropped out). “Dear TJ Maxx – if you don’t restock your Chi’s soon, I will strangle all of your employees simultaneously with my giant head of hair. Also, I enjoy it a little too much when I call and ask if you have any ‘Chi’s’ and you say, ‘we don’t sell cheese here’. It will never get old.” IMG_0097
  3. I finally committed my oldest to swim team. Which = a small dream come true…for ME. He’s a good little swimmer. The problem is (and always has been with his sports) that he has no sense of urgency. It’s like he’s lap swimming with the elderly ladies he met at water aerobics. But his form sure is good. Any tips? Cause me, yelling until my face turns purple to ” GO FASTER” coupled with my accentuated swimming arms and crazy hair is not a good look. Also – I was Clerk of Course for last (and this upcoming) meet. Here’s a sample of how we herd organize children before they race. It’s a solid 4-5 hours of organizing/yelling, which brings my OCD little heart so much contentment. Good thing I have the loudest, meanest voice ever.IMG_0091
  4. Many of you are aware (but there are still those lone soldiers holding out with their “no social media” lifestyle – which I can respect). Dave was playing basketball with his sisters, and somehow blew out his knee. His ACL is no more (not even ripped, its just gone). RIP – literally (sorry, that was too easy). And here’s what you all have been waiting for: You don’t really need an ACL, but it’s highly recommended. So surgery is optional. He’ll most likely do it, but either way he needs a month or two of physical therapy first. This happened 2.5 weeks ago. It took THAT LONG to get him an MRI and to the proper specialist. Our family doctor said he had a broken tibia and to use a brace/crutches until he could see a specialist. The specialist said that was not the case, and he could have been limping along just fine this whole time. So while we’re super annoyed at how long this whole circus took – watching Dave go through stores in a Jazzy just might have been worth it. (He wouldn’t let me take any pictures #boo #daveisnofun). Anyways – anyone out there have experience and/or thoughts with such injuries? Our specialist from yesterday looked ok, sounded and acted ok, but his eyes were completely bloodshot. I think I’d know if he were drunk or on drugs right? So I’m only slightly concerned with his course of treatment. WHY IS THIS SO HARD?IMG_0087
  5. We’re moving. Wait for it. BACK TO UTAH COUNTY. Can I get a moment of silence for how my life works? Can anyone at least see the humor in it? I’m not there yet. but I’m getting close. Basically we had a big old fatty plan when we moved last August. Literally none of it worked like it was supposed to. Which is life right? But then the cherry on top is that Dave got a great job offer in Draper, and they’ll pay for him to finish up his iOS schooling. So, we really can’t say no, can we? Can we?….Dave says “no”. #daveisnofun. Don’t get me wrong, there are many great and wonderful things and people in UT. I just thought it was a 12 year chapter in our lives that was closed, and “on to the next” so they say. Anywho – we’ve rented a home for the time being. We’ll see how things go over the next year before we decide to buy again.
  6. Basically the rest of our summer looks like this. Me + kids + crap in a van driving back and forth to UT 1 million times over the next 3 weeks. We’re doing our final moving truck run sometime after the 25th of July. In the meantime, we have obligations in both states, and Dave is already working in UT. Yay for the summer of George! IMG_0118It is physically impossible for my oldest to smile nicely for the camera.
  7. Example: Child #1 has a swim meet in Boise, and child #2 has a camp for her language immersion program she’ll be starting in the fall – in UT. So I left #2 with Dave and have #1 for 2 days in Boise for the meet, and then we drive back to UT for a week of family reuniting and 4th of July gluttony. #roadwarriorIMG_0121Isn’t she the cutest? I was so sad not to be there for her first day. But she’s in good hands with aunt Kris. THANK YOU FAMILY! (also to those who helped gimpy Dave move a few things in today.)
  8. Good thing there’s this….my ‘Old Faithful’. Although I am starting to feel a little self conscious that the Sonic peeps know my order. But then I’m like – “I’m sorry, do you have 3 kids and 1 million hours of open road ahead of you. No? I didn’t think so.” IMG_0119

Does that cover it? Hopefully. It’s only been 3 weeks since school let out and I’m completely and utterly exhausted (emotionally, physically and mentally). Can I get an “Amen” for school starting in…55 days?


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    Saaaarrrrraaaahhhhhh… WUT?? Back to Utah? Your life does work in strange ways. But it does sound like a good opportunity. And that sure makes me sound like an adult. But HEY! I’ll be in Utah for your very first week back as a Utah resident! So yay! I’ll bring whatever the opposite of a skinny peppermint late is because it’ll be so damn hot in July. 😘

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    Dude, you make me laugh. Out loud. Sometimes with a snort. Draper, cool, cool, cool. We’ll be neighbours. You had better make sure you have that new chi by then, and of course a whole array of tight work out pants – it’s the Draper mom uniform.

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      Leith! I’ve been without the world wide web for like 2 weeks. We’re a little more south than Draper, but I think the tight pants phenomenon increases the closer you get to BYU. I was planning on dressing according to the following clip. Kosher or no?

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