I figured it out!

I figured it out!

Guys – so you know how May/the end of school makes you want to light yourself on fire? How all of the end of the year obligations like field trips. class presentations, class projects, class parties, PTA crap, teacher gifts and on and on and on literally suck all of your hopes and dreams out of your soul?

I figured out how to make everything go smoothly with none of the stress. Ready?

Don’t commit to anything.

Let me say it again.

Don’t say “yes” to a.n.y.t.h.i.n.g.

Do you want to come on this field trip?


Do you want to bring anything to this luncheon?


Don’t get me wrong. I have volunteered plenty, PLENTY of times for allllll of the aforementioned happenings this year. Just not in May. And of course, I will be there to see presentations and “graduations”, but am I doing anything for them besides attending?


Which leaves time for the little things (at least for me). Like making this kids dreams come true (literally – he begged for weeeeeeeeks) and color spray his hair for “Crazy Hair Day”.


Usually I would have A) not known about “Crazy Hair Day” until the morning of and B) said, “I’ll put rubber bands in it or make spikes with gel, take your pick, we have 5 minutes.” So I call this a #victory. And #bonus I asked Ells what she wanted for her hair. Her response was, and I quote, “NOTHING!” #bonustimesinfinity

And Mother’s Day? All I wanted was to not cook. So I bought Chicken Alfredo from Costco the day before.  The kids spoiled me with soggy M&Ms, flowers they picked during Sunday School, and cute handmade cards. Dave was even able to be in town for the weekend. And it was perfect.


Speaking of drama queens, someone had a birthday this month. And my heart is still broken over it. How did this happen?



Having a few less commitments also let’s me meet the demands of the Birthday girl. Because when the “One Queen to Rule Them All” asks for a chocolate cake with pink frosting and an owl on top – you’d better deliver. It may not be the prettiest, but it was the best cake Ells and I have made to date.


Chocolate Cake + Chocolate Butter Cream Frosting.


The cake was perpendicular before we arrived at the park. But the melting and slanting soon commenced in the 90 degree heat.


“It’s perfect mom!” – If only she’d keep that 6 year old view of me forever.

And even with all of this “non-volunteering in May” today was my last day of freedom. School lets out in 2 weeks, and I have somewhere to be, or something to do EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. until it ends. Oh the humanity!

We can do this! Summer is just around the corner, and will lend itself to a new form of crazy. And we’ll be begging for school to start. For the 0.0001% of you that haven’t read this blog post by Jen Hatmaker, DO IT NOW. You won’t regret it. I post it every year. The woman speaks to my soul.

Carry on!


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    Hailey Frogley

    Yes! I laughed oUT loud when i read her post on Facebook…….literally, hilarious, the best!……and it’s only going to get worse for the both if us! Ahhhhhh!

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