And then it was 3 months later…

And then it was 3 months later…

So by now you know how great I am at keeping New Year’s resolutions. Good, glad we got that out of the way. Yes. I’m alive. I wish I could report that my blogging absence has been because I was too busy with other exciting ventures that involved things like a beach, or….beaches?  Nope. You know how when you’re in a slump, but you don’t know you’re in a slump until you’re starting to look back, and you’re all – man that really sucked. So yeah, not a beach. I literally crawled through Jan. Feb. and March, and probably April, but I’ve picked up my speed. Jan and Feb were more of like that creeping crawl babies start out with. April is more like scooting, May will probably be more like an actual crawl, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Why? I don’t know. Maybe it’s because everything in our lives is still in limbo. Maybe it’s because winter sucks. Maybe it’s because we see Dave every other weekend. Maybe it’s because I’ve been going to the gym, suffering through all of the bros, and I still look the same. It’s all very discouraging – especially with you’re super uptight and dramatic, like myself. There I said it! Or Maybe it’s because all I can complain about is 1st world problems. Sheesh.

February was the month of sick – but that’s usual for pretty much everyone right? Surprisingly it wasn’t that bad. Flu + Colds + Stomach virus, all done lickety split in a month. I only spent one night on the floor of the bathroom and fell asleep with a towel over me. And my head cold got so bad I ate some leftover noodles that had spoiled and DIDN’T EVEN TASTE IT. I’m all “Mom – the texture of these feels different” and handed her the bag of noodles, she’s all “Yeah – they’re spoiled and slimy”.

I straight up ate rotten noodles. For reals.

But if you follow my blog – you know that one month of sick is nothing. But I can still feel those slimy noodles in my mouth. *Shudder*

Speaking of noodles – this one has decided to stay up until 11 pm every night for like the past 5 nights. It’s killing me. Here she is organizing her dinner leftovers which she refused to eat at dinner time.


And today – today Ells decided she needed to lop off a giant 6 inch chunk of hair from the top of her head because “I just felt like it mom” (que eye roll).


I also spent an hour looking for my keys – which were still in the ignition, and a bunch of raw chicken juice splashed all over my shoes while I was making dinner. Or you know – Thursday.

We’re alive and happy. Boise is treating us well. The kids love school, I get to volunteer in their classrooms once a week. We have a bunch of cute little friends around the neighborhood that keep everyone busy in the evenings. It’s truly great.

Now if someone could just make all of the rest of our major life decisions that would be great.


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