How much did Monday suck?

How much did Monday suck?

How much did Monday suck everyone? I’m just going to say it. It sucked. Not one of you can tell me that all of your “New Year” excitement, and resolutions and goals beats sitting around in your pajamas, sleeping in and eating stocking stuffers for breakfast for 2 weeks straight. You know I’m right. Don’t lie to yourself. Of course, it’s always nice to get back in to the swing of things. And of course I have my own goals for 2016 (blogging? How did you know?). But that doesn’t make peeling my eyelids back and slithering to the bathroom after my alarm goes off Monday morning any easier.

The holidays were very low key for us. Which was the perfect end to a less than perfect year. Turns out steering your family ship in a different direction takes longer and is much harder than we thought it would be, and some days are just plain awful. Steady the course. We’ll get over our 2015 mountains sometime. And we’ll be the better for it (or so I keep telling myself).

In order to distract myself from the unpleasantness of early mornings, traveling husband and a myriad of other first world problems, let’s review a few items Santa brought me this year. Mainly modern conveniences that allow to be even more lazy. 2016 – LOOKIN’ UP!

  1. a hair waver

Because what’s better than my already big hair?


BIGGER HAIR. And it also extends my ratio of hair “done” days to “I’m too tired to care about anything including my hair, so messy bun it is” days.

2. An InstaPot



You guys. I don’t even know how it can exist. It’s got to be some sort of dark Voldemort magic. I literally put food in, and FIFTEEN MINUTES LATER delicious done to perfection food comes out. Example – I sauteed onions and butter IN the pot (yes, I said IN – there’s a saute function). Then I dumped in sweet potatoes, 2 chicken breasts, and some hot wing sauce. Then I pushed the “poultry” button and 15 minutes later – DINNER IS DONE.


OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG. Are you seeing all of the caps? It’s literally the best thing to join our kitchen family since well – me. I. can’t. even. It’s a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, and 1 million other things all rolled in to one device. I don’t care what sorcery this is…”It’s MINE, ALL MINE!” bwahahahahaha (evil laugh con’t).

It’s also going to help with my food planning, which I just need to grow a pair and do. Not for any particular diet, but just because I’m a grown up and planning meals is not that hard. Its practical, cheap, and healthy. Just do it already Sarah!


Sounds about right.

“Is butter a carb?”

So yeah. That’s what I’ve filled my 2016 days with so far this week – hair waving and InstaPot-ing. I like to set the New Year’s bar low – so I can easily build my self esteem. Also a 2016 goal. See? So far 2016 FTW!

I hope everyone’s 2016 is better than their 2015. Because if 2016 is < or = to 2015 I may have to throat punch it.

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