The First Thanksgiving.

The First Thanksgiving.

Now that I’m stuffed with pie healthy portions of lean turkey, and am in very forgiving stretchy jammy pants, I finally rolled myself on to my bed and opened up my laptop for the day. I had planned on perusing Amazon, but I’m trying to be responsible and thought documenting an almost perfect Thanksgiving would be more appropriate (at least before one of my kids gets up again and my head literally explodes as I try not to yell…I give it about 10 minutes).

I say “almost perfect” because we are missing the wonderful soul that is the heartbeat of this family, this home, and the holidays – Kathy. (For those of you that don’t know, we unexpectedly lost my mother in law 6 weeks and one day ago). To say it’s been hard, as I’m sure most of you that have lost someone know, is an understatement. We’ve all coped in our own ways, and will continue to march forward one slow step at a time. Dave has been methodically constructing Lego structures that boggle the mind and defy gravity, all the while wearing sweats and not shaving. I kid with him about it, and he laughs, so I’m not ready to call a therapist yet….yet.

For some reason, today was really hard for me. Being back at her home and listening to all of the normal sounds that fill it around the holidays, but it was missing her voice, and her silence almost drown out the rest. I miss her so. We all do.

Here’s a pic I drummed up from a few Thanksgivings ago – being obnoxious because she never liked to have her picture taken. She’s making rolls. The woman didn’t like to cook, but she did not mess around when it came to her perfect rolls.

IMG_9167See Kathy? This is what happens when you won’t pose for a picture like I asked you to. (If you look really close you can see that she’s fighting back a smile.)

So here we are. Our first Thanksgiving without her. What do we do? Well, we do what we always do – make a hell of a lot of food, eat all the things until we can’t breathe, and then almost puke it up because we’re all together and that = laughing . I think we made a solid effort and a good time was had by all.


2am pie baking. I only took pictures of my pies because I’m selfish. And out of 873 different pies that were made, I only made these two, both of which were apple. Kristin and Aunt Dixie did the rest. And they were all different varieties. But you know what? I MADE TWO APPLE PIES FROM SCRATCH.


Grandkids sledding in the backyard. Always a magical experience for them, and exactly what Kathy would have wanted them to be doing. These were the early birds, one of which (who shall remain nameless) woke me up from a dead sleep, breaking all sorts of family rules because he “just couldn’t wait one more second” to go play in the snow. He’s lucky he’s cute.


EAT ALL THE THINGS. “It’s here! It’s here! Eating time!”. I wish that was a quote from a small child, but it was me. Seriously, just look at the glory of that plate.


So many wonderful friends and family.


Being 3 and stuffing your face is difficult and exhausting business.


Playing games. Tonight was of the SCUM variety. Always a good time, with plenty of inappropriate jokes and chit chat.


Of course we had little spot for our girl to oversee see it all. I know she was happy that we were happy – she was all over the place today. It was a perfect Thanksgiving, at least as perfect as it could be without you Kathy. Love you so much!

I just have to say that I’m grateful for every last person in this family. They’ve taken me in and put up with my craziness. I’m so very lucky. I’m grateful for my little family, my extended family, and those friends that are family. I’m grateful for a body that works and is healthy (even if I complain about how it looks). I’m grateful for my eyesight, for music, for laughter, for this beautiful planet and for God. My heart is full.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

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