Halloween Round Up – 2015

Halloween Round Up – 2015

Once again, Halloween kicked my trash. In all seriousness, it was on the heels of a huge family tragedy, resulting in chaos, emotion, and fatigue. But here we all are – plodding along, one step at a time. Halloween insanity was a distraction in a good way this year.

We got back from Utah on Sunday night. I spent Monday racing around trying to gather costume pieces thinking, I have until Wednesday – 2 days – I can do this! (The kids had the Thurs and Fri before Halloween off of school). Then Pres comes home and says,

“Mom! The costume parade is tomorrow….”

“Of course it is…”

Another round of Diet Coke please…..

Luckily I had pieced together most of Pres’s The Flash costume already. Including these killer boots and belt.


Then I Betsy Rossed the crap out of one of those all body suits – because of course I couldn’t find one in his size.

And those awesome boots? THEY. NEVER. DRIED. Even today – 6 days later – will stain you with paint. They will be wet until the end of time. When our earth is barren and extinct, some other form of life will find them, grab them and then recoil, looking at their red hand and go “Gah!” just like I’ve done 1,000 times this week.

Anywho. I hadn’t even started Ell’s costume yet – and around 1am I decided Uh, she has a million dress ups, I’ll doctor one up, so she could be something a little different, just for the parade. And by “doctor” I mean I went to Wal-Mart at 5 in the morning to get wings, and make her some little antennae.  Why? Because she’s the middle child, and I don’t want her to have a complex. And she was so excited about her “Pink Owl” Halloween costume. And we all had a horrible week. And because, I love staying up for 36 hours straight…..

Behold. A butterfly!


The cutest butterfly I ever did see.  And since Ell’s teacher is Ah.Maz.Ing….she let Sandra stay, walk in the parade and play all the kinder games with the “big kids” during the class party.

Here’s her face when I told her she couldn’t go home on the bus….


The saddest, cutest, Tinker Bell in all the land.

Oh – and Mr. Flash turned out pretty great too. Even sans boots.


Then I turned the living room in to a mini sweat shop, and wouldn’t let my mom eat or drink until she finished Ell’s costume.


And Tamara delivered (actually, what I had in mind was much simpler. But Tamara doesn’t do simple….)


The cutest, “Pinkest Owl”, I ever did see…

And, when you can wear a 2T/3T in this house. You get to be a chicken. So, tough nuggies Sandra.

Chicken Generations

3 Generations of the cutest costume ever! (from left to right: Pres, Ells and the Pants)

Between school, church and neighborhood parties/trick or treating, I do not even want to talk about how much candy these kids accumulated. At the very least about 1,000 pieces between all 3 of them. At. The. Very. Least. It was insanity.


What a bunch of cheesers.

And how many of those 1,000 pieces would you assume was a Butterfinger? The likes of which I specifically instructed them to get.



One. Freaking. Butterfinger.

Ungrateful PUNKS.

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