Remember when I didn’t blog the ENTIRE summer. Oh, I had such big plans…..

So – sometimes you just ditch your life and start from scratch (kind of).

We. Are. Moving.

A lot of crazy crap has gone down this summer and we feel this game plan is what the stars have aligned for us.

  • We’re selling the house.
  • The children and I will live with my parents in Boise.
  • Dave will do a semester of coding school in SLC this Fall, then San Fran in the winter.  (Yes. will see him, as many weekends as we can!)
  • When he’s done in April we’ll move wherever he gets a job or wants to set up shop.
  • If I don’t have any sort of assault or murder charges against me by the end of this – can we all agree that miracles happen?
  • We decided this last week, and we’re moving in TWO days (please see previous bulletin), so the kids can get settled before school starts.

So what happens when you decide to move, and you have 1 week to do it? This. This happens. Your house explodes and you find yourself puttering about, mumbling to yourself because you don’t know where to start.


Save me.

But then….

Your ridiculously OCD spouse takes the reins. And maybe goes a little too far in the other direction. Behold, 2 (yes only 2) serving bowls – foam in-between, then wrapped no less than 4 times with tape, then…THEN wrapped no less that 4 times with plastic wrap.


Apparently we’re moving to Siberia.

He also made fun of the amount of boxes my clothes filled. Ladies – after a garage sale and a lot of donations to Good Will, I could fit ALL of my clothes in to 6 boxes. And please keep in mind that 1 box is maternity clothes, 1 box is “Some day, when I’m skinny again, I’ll wear you” clothes, and 1 box is winter sweaters and coats. So really, it’s like 3 boxes, which is mega impressive. Am I right? Yes. I’m right. (notice they are all labeled, and some have a secondary color coded label with where certain boxes will be stored. The latter was my addition. WHAT. IS. HAPPENING. TO. ME?)


And even though packing our house is really just the worst, and we’re both running around like chickens with our heads cut off – he still found time to steal my van for a few hours and get a brand new touchscreen console installed. If you’re David, you don’t buy flowers, you buy nerdy techy things. And you definitely don’t surprise your wife. So. It’s a big deal, and definitely put a much needed smile on my face. Thanks babe! #pimpedoutminivan


We’ve also somehow managed to keep our excellent parenting skills sharp amidst the chaos.

Ells: “What eats penguins?”

Dave: “Walruses.”

Sarah: (laughing so hard she’s crying)

Dave: “What?”

Sarah: “Walruses?”

Dave: “You look it up, and then you’ll feel like a fool – they have those tusks!”

Sarah: “In no way, shape, or form would a walrus eat a penguin.”

Dave: “Then what eats penguins?”

Sarah: “Sharks…Killer Whales…

Dave: “Whatever. LOOK. IT. UP”

Sarah: “There is literally nothing on the Google that says walruses eat penguins.”

Ells: “Ug….do you guys even know anything?”

No Ells, no we do not.

Anywho – Basically I’m a giant ball of stress, tears and caffeine right now. I’m not joking – My sweet, sweet inlaw family were were here today, helping pack and watch kids. We all went to dinner together at Pizza Pie Cafe after an exhausting day. And, realizing this was our last meal with all of the family here I love so much, I burst in to silent tears as I assembled my salad at the salad bar. Which undoubtedly made all of the other salad assemblers very uncomfortable.

So far – my most favorite text I’ve received from a friend finding out about this news reads as follows:

I love you–but you suck right now.

And it’s true. I DO suck right now.

“S is for Sucks”…

We thought we were planted for awhile. We love this house, this neighborhood and the wonderful people that live around us. I have had so many people offer to help this past week. It’s just amazing.

IMG_8330 (1)

Here’s our last stroll home from church…which is across the street. UG! Such a wonderful neighborhood.

Utah – it’s been over a decade. And, I complained about you a lot. But you’ve been good to us.


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