Dear May – PEACE OUT.

Dear May – PEACE OUT.

“We’re dead! We’re dead! We survived, but we’re dead!”

– Dashiell Robert Parr

Sounds about right? Can I get an “amen!” to school being out?! I know some of you are still fighting to the bitter end, but school for my kiddos got out a few weeks ago and I couldn’t be happier. Here’s a smattering of photos that illustrate what I came home to after our anniversary stay-cation. Enjoy!

IMG_7541There was Mother’s Day. Dave and Pres were there too, but Pres was half naked by the time our walk home from church was over.


And super ghetto teacher appreciation gifts. Like for real. I put a bow on a Cheeze Its box.

IMG_7822Then there was a “Princess Laser Tag” party for a certain little lady turning 5. It was the BEST party idea ever. Good job Ells.

IMG_7819There were 2 soccer practices and 2 games per week. Ell’s team was the “Rainbow Butterflies” and Pres’s was “the Gators”.

IMG_7675We had graduation.

IMG_7820And then the post graduation party, which got a little wild.

IMG_7821I took the Pants to Boise to do a Blendfresh booth.

IMG_7624And then once again reclaim my nerdy choir roots at a farewell concert for one of the best teachers on the planet.

IMG_7775Then there was a piano recital.

IMG_7818In Utah the elementary schools do “Dance Festivals”. Every grade prepares a dance and then the parents come and we all just sit and watch. I will probably never understand it. But here’s Pres, complete with a homemade Iron Man cuff he snuck in his backpack. No 1st grade dance is complete without Iron Man moves. #crushedit

grandpa 2

Then we had a little family reunion.


And this is what a month’s worth of mail looks like. The pic doesn’t even do it justice. THERE WAS NO TIME FOR MAIL PEOPLE. NO. TIME.

Hooray for summer!

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