Let me be your self-esteem boost.

Let me be your self-esteem boost.

So the past few weeks have been less than stellar. And I’m quite certain it’s me, not life. Because life is just the same. Maybe it’s because it’s January, or because it’s winter, or because Dave is gone.

You parents out there, do you ever just think to yourself. I can’t do it. I can’t do one more day….?

And it’s not because I’m raising a wild pack of behemoth humans. In fact they are currently downstairs playing perfectly well together…It’s just the monotony of it all. If I have to make one more grilled cheese. If I have to do one more load of laundry. Why oh why is it so hard to plan dinner?

There are literally 101 proactive things on my todo list, but I just can’t find the motivation to do them today. Of course this is after a week of literally no sleep. Each night has consisted of 4 hours max. Not for anything serious. Just, you know, 3 am wake up calls similar to this:

“Mom, I had a dream that dad was a robot. Can that be true? Do you think he’s a robot?”

“NO SON. Well, maybe. It’s possible. Wait. Nevermind. GO TO BED!”

And then I furiously toss and turn for the next 3 hours.

Also – by a show of hands, how many of you know that a severe headache and vomiting were a sign of strep throat? I am answering with a hearty, “NOT I!”. That is definitely what happened to 2 of my kids. And I talked to like 4 moms yesterday who are all strep geniuses and knew what I definitely did not, and therefore dismissed for several days as a “weird stomach bug”. Apparently I missed the lecture on common childhood ailments, and Google totally and completely failed me.

This is what happens after you’ve been quarantined in your room for a few days:


“Mom, this is a list of things I’m going to do when I’m free…”

And I know you’re getting tired of hearing it, but 2 days in to one of Dave’s business trips is when they got sick. So of course I called him and yelled and yelled and yelled. Not at him, of course, but because….WHY?

“I know it’s not your fault. But I am just mad. So buckle up Mister. Hope you’re enjoying your oceanview room…”

Poor Dave. He really is a trooper.

The shower curtain fell today. I just left the whole jumbled mess on the ground, and have been stepping over it. I didn’t even try to fix it. My kids keep taking the peels from their clementines and rubbing them on their faces. They call it “orange lotion”. And instead of cleaning off the sticky mess I just tell them to go to bed and hope the ants don’t carry them away. You can imagine that we’re all still in our jammies. I tried to capture the essence of today to forward to Dave, and this is what they gave me. He may never come back…..


Doesn’t Pres look like those “Chain Chomper” thingies from Nintendo?


Basically, I’m feeling like mother of the year, and trying to drag you all down with me. But you’re too smart and confident for that. So let this be your self esteem boost for the day. “Well, at least I’m not doing that bad.” you know, that sort of thing.

I’m off to take a shower. It’s 3 pm. Shooting for the stars people. Or maybe I’ll workout first. Or take down my Christmas decorations. Or maybe I’ll take another Buzzfeed Quiz. JUST ONE MORE!

Ack! See?! See what is happening in my brain?!

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