And then he bought a soap dispenser.

And then he bought a soap dispenser.

This is not complaining. For those that are not in the know, my husband is easily > Danny Tanner when it comes to being clean and organized. As in, he has a teensy, tiny little bit of OCD about it. This room is our “eventual garage”, so for now we are treating it as such. I came home  to this wall on the far right one afternoon.


All of the bins were custom labeled with his trusty labeler.

Oh, and this is what I came upon another random afternoon. Here is the labeler in action. Just when you thought you couldn’t handle having your medicines unorganized by category for one more second.

photo (44)

Let me emphasize again, this is not complaining. But you can imagine that with this level of OCD-ness we may enter in to  a bit of a grey area from time to time. Like maybe I buy a shabby chic-super cute chalkboard and I paint it of course, a shabby chic-super cute robins egg blue. It will generate the following husbandy response.

Dave: blink, blink “…..”

Me: “Say something”

Dave: “…….”

Me: “DAVE!”

Dave: “…..It’s just, there’s nothing in the kitchen that matches it.”

Me: “It’s staying.”

And then one day, he bought a soap dispenser.

There are a few things wrong with this scenario. But they all boil down to this – invading my territory. The best part of this whole gregarious, overstep of boundaries unfolds as follows:

Me: “So, uh, what are those?”

Dave: “New soap dispensers”

Me: deep breath….keep it cool Sarah, keep it cool! “Oh, cool. So why are there two?”

Dave: “One to replace the broken one in the kitchen, and one for the main bathroom.”

Me: “I just bought one for the bathroom! It’s nice, what’s wrong with it?”

Dave: “The bathroom one doesn’t work very well”

Me: “What? How?”

Dave: “It just shoots out at a weird angle.”

I’m going to repeat that in case you were a little distracted while reading this ridiculous conversation. I won’t judge – totally understandable.

“It just shoots out at a weird angle”…..”Oh, and it’s easier to use.”

This is my life you guys. Seriously. So, here’s my dispenser. I feel it’s pretty straight forward.


And here’s Dave’s. The one that’s “easier to use” and doesn’t project soap at a “weird angle.”


I’d like to point out that his dispenser has an extra step. What happens if you don’t have thumbs.

Clearly, clearly, I win.


The Winner.

Say it.

And also we may have some issues. Whatevs.

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