The Halloween Round-Up

The Halloween Round-Up

I remember a time when Halloween was fun. When I’d get stoked on making costumes, maybe we’d go to a few parties, sometimes I’d even throw a party. And then….then….well I don’t know what happen. It became unfun. Exhausting, stressful, and unfun. I blogged about my newfound Halloween woes last year and vowed to be wiser. This year, I toned it down.  The kids opted for repeat, or a super simple store bought costumes. BONUS. No volunteering for class parties, or handmade costumes. But somehow we still spent the whole day running around to various schools, watching parades, and rushing home to an early dinner, and then trick or treating.

This one cried so hard she puked, PUKED, when I put her in her Bee costume.

photo (47)

The angriest bee in all the land.

And I’m all, “Woman, you’re wearing that bee costume!.”

Here’s the whole crazy lot of them. The Vampire (“old school mom, not a silly one“), the Princess Ghost reigns again, and the Bumble Bee. Because how cute is that costume?

photo (48)

Dave and I are noticeably missing from any photos. Why? I was seriously super sad that we didn’t dress up. I’m grieving ok? We’ll get through this together. 32 years on this planet! 32 Halloweens and it finally got the best of me. It finally won out with all of it’s planning, creativity and sugar. They were all just too much for me to handle. And of course I gave in and ate 2 fun size Butterfingers for dinner. “Butterfingers? Why?” you ask (or at least that’s what Dave asked.)


We spent the night following the crazies from door to door.

And honestly, their excitement made me nostalgic, but in a really fantastic and awesome way. Parenting – I guess it has its rewards. Blah. Whatever.

Anyway. The Bee wised up, and even learned to say “Trick or Treat”. But she absolutely refused to let us carry to treat bucket.

photo (49)

She’s no fool.

No seriously. She’s no fool. You try taking that sucker away from her. That woman had a death grip on it until she got down to the stick and I had to pry it out of her tiny, ridiculously strong hands.

photo (50)

Happy Grown Up Halloween everyone!

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